Small Groups

Are you ready to GROW? Take the next step to GROW with God!

The call of Jesus is serious stuff. It’s life changing and joyful and demanding all at the same time! 

You see, Jesus called his disciples to be with Him, to become like Him, and to do what He did - but He didn’t call them in isolation or social individualism. 

Jesus’ call formed a GROUP, a COMMUNITY, a FELLOWSHIP, with him at the center. The truth is, Following Jesus is a team sport. To apprentice under Jesus, to be his disciple, means to GROW with Him in a group. 

Are you interested in the Jesus of the Bible? 

Do you hear Jesus’ call to follow Him? 

Are you ready to kickstart your growth with God? 

Do you want to energize your apprenticeship under Jesus? 

The BEST place to start is to join a GROW Group. 

Call the church office  (509) 926-4971 or email at to learn about a grow groups near you!